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Sex Addiction Treatment

Sex Addiction Treatment

Why Choose Keys To Tranquility For Sex Addiction Treatment?

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you think about sex addiction? Is it a man who has a lot of power and money? Is it a woman looking for love in all wrong places? Are they celebrities whose bad behavior has been covered in the tabloids for many years?

You don’t probably know anything about cocaine sex addicts or any other type of sex addiction if you are thinking about these things. Sex addiction can cause irreparable damage to relationships and lives. Contact Keys To Tranquility today to learn about our sex addiction treatment options.

What Is Sex Addiction?

A person with sex addiction is one who has an uncontrollable urge to have sex, regardless of the negative consequences. These can lead to financial difficulties, relationship damage, and even legal troubles. These addicts may have intense sexual cravings and engage in risky behaviors to satisfy these needs. Sex addiction usually begins in early adulthood or as an adolescent. This is often caused by traumas from childhood, sexual abuse, or other traumas that make it difficult to control their emotions and impulses. This condition is more common in men than it is in women. About four times as many women are diagnosed with sex addicts than men.

These are the symptoms of sex abuse

  • Strong desire to have sex with or view pornography, despite the negative consequences.
  • Multiple partners or multiple affairs.
  • Unable to stop, despite the fact that it is affecting your relationships and causing other problems in life.
  • Avoid negative feelings or problems by using sex.
  • Obsessiveness about sexual behavior that is considered deviant in society.
  • Compulsive masturbation, or viewing pornography as a means of escaping stress, is a common condition.


What are the Treatments for Sex Addiction?

Let’s start with the basics. Now let’s look at some treatment options for sex addiction. There are many types of treatment, including medication and psychotherapy. There is no cure for sex addicting, but treatment can help you manage your symptoms so they don’t interfere with your daily life.

1) Inpatient Treatment Programs

If you have tried outpatient treatment, but want something more intensive, inpatient treatment programs can be a good option. You can find inpatient programs at hospitals and residential treatment centers. However, they are also available in special facilities that treat sex addiction. This program teaches you how to control your sexual impulses to live a happy life without any sexual compulsions. The day will be full of opportunities to meet with therapists and to attend classes on stress management, healthy relationships, or any other issues that could contribute to your addiction.

Inpatient treatment programs last anywhere from 30 to 90 days depending on how severe your addiction is. Some may take longer. Inpatient programs offer individual and group therapy. These sessions are designed to teach you skills that will prevent you from committing sexual acts again after you have left the facility. It is possible that you will also participate in activities specifically designed to treat sex addiction, such as art therapy and meditation sessions. Talking about your triggers may feel painful or difficult at first.

2) 12-Step Programs

The 12-step program is a key part of recovery from sex addiction or other compulsive behavior. These programs are designed to help you establish a spiritual connection with higher power and connect with other people who are experiencing the same thing. Here’s how they work.

Meetings are held regularly, often several times per week. After each meeting, you reflect on your day and consider how you can use the information you have learned to help you in recovery. A sponsor is someone who has been in recovery over many years and has successfully completed the 12 Steps. They are there to guide and support newcomers as they navigate their way.

People in 12-step programs are often involved in activities that strengthen their recovery beyond just attending meetings. You can volunteer, read books on addiction and recovery, meditate, or attend therapy sessions. These activities offer additional reflection opportunities on one’s journey to becoming sober again and healthier.

3) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy can be a powerful treatment for sex abuse because it focuses on changing thought patterns and behaviors.

Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches you how to identify the thoughts and feelings that cause you to behave sexually. Then you can replace them with more positive thoughts. Your therapist may encourage you to change your belief that you cannot be loved unless you have sex. These thoughts will be recognized in therapy sessions as well as in real life.

Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches positive coping skills to deal with anxiety and stress. These skills are particularly useful for those who struggle to control their sexual impulses, as they can be triggered by anxiety or stress.

4) Medication

Treatment for sex addiction can include medication. Although it is not the only option, medication can be combined with other treatment options to help someone overcome their addiction.

Many medications can be prescribed to treat sex addiction. Antidepressants are a type of medication that can be prescribed to help with sex addiction. They can also help reduce urges. Low moods and anxiety are two common side effects of antidepressants. The full effects of antidepressants usually take place over 8 weeks. It is important that you do not stop taking them if you are considering using them for sex addiction.

Your doctor may prescribe antidepressants if you’ve been diagnosed with anxiety or depression before being diagnosed with sex addiction. If you don’t experience symptoms of anxiety or depression at the same moment as your sexual urges, or if these symptoms aren’t severe enough, you might consider switching to another medication.


It’s important to remember that no one treatment is right for everyone. If you’re suffering from a sex addiction and feel like your doctor isn’t taking your concerns seriously, reach out to another physician who may be more familiar with sex addiction and its treatment options.

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